[Experience] future trading on binance, redefining the concept of future on binance (Future or end)

You may be learning about binane futures or, like myself and many others, you may have lost your account while reading this post.

Please read to prevent dangers if you have not yet participated or lost money. If you’ve lost money, please leave a remark about how you played so that we can all figure out how to win together.

1.What does Binance’s future hold?

Futures are contracts that allow people and businesses to purchase or sell a specified item at a fixed price and date in the future. This is commonly employed by traders to hedge risk in many markets, as well as by businesses to hedge against market speculation. If a corporation needs these assets in the future but isn’t sure what will happen in the next few months, they may simply buy commodities futures. Virtual currencies can also be exchanged through futures contracts offered by various market participants.

  • Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows people from all around the world to do so.

Step 1: Open a Binance Futures account first.

  • There are fairly extensive instructions in the Binance app. It will be quite simple for you to follow. CH Play is where you can get the app (type Binance in the search box)

Step 2: Become familiar with the Binance Futures Interface.

  • Before you begin trading, you must have a thorough understanding of the parameters, orders, and leverage.
  • Unlike on the spot, if you make a mistake with your order, you might quickly lose all of your money.
  • On YouTube, look for video tutorials: Watch at least ten videos before attempting to follow for $5.

Step 3: Create a Trading Strategy

  • A trading strategy can assist you in improved risk management and trading consistency. You should include a full breakdown of how you would enter and exit positions in your trading strategy, including entry and exit indications, position sizing, and stop-loss placements.
  • The benefits of having a trading strategy are various, ranging from less stress to fewer trades during the trading day. To make highly focused advancements and treat trading seriously, traders must become more cognizant of their trading practices.

2. What benefits and drawbacks do players experience as a result of their participation?

People who lose more money than they acquire are frequently mentioned. When asked why so many individuals play, those who have already participated provide cautious counsel.

People who lose more money than they acquire are frequently mentioned. When asked why so many individuals play, those who have already participated provide cautious counsel.

Because Binance allows us to leverage up to 125x, we can fast become wealthy if we correctly predict the market’s direction.

That indicates that if we play futures, a $1 spot profit may turn into a 125$ profit.

Consider the following scenario:

We have $ 100 to buy 1 coin with a profit of $ 100 since BNB has climbed from $ 100 to $ 200 per coin. We will purchase 100 BNB with a 100x leverage on a Long order, making a profit of 100*100=10,000$.

Second, when we predict that the market will decline, we may benefit by placing Sell orders.

Isn’t it quite appealing?

No, It’s only when we’re on the correct track and close at the appropriate moment that we’ll be successful. Typically, we sell early and forecast the wrong trend, and then, with X100 leverage, BNB drops by 1u, i.e. 100=>99u/coin, and the account is liquidated instantly.

We must be experts in order to avoid failure.

3. Is there any CZ involvement?

Bloomberg News reported on Friday that US investigators are looking into alleged insider trading and market manipulation at Binance, possibly adding additional heat to the cryptocurrency exchange that has come under regulatory scrutiny in a number of nations.

Authorities are investigating whether Binance or its employees benefitted from exploiting its clients, Bloomberg said, citing sources familiar with the situation.

“At Binance, we have a stringent ethical code relating to any sort of action that might have a detrimental influence on our consumers or industry,” the world’s largest crypto platform stated in a statement.

Although the graph to achieve the goal of kill long, kill short is too plain, no one has dared to prove.

To prevent being killed, read the following section.

4. Talk about how you’re going to win.

Stop and Limit orders should always be used.

Beginners and novice traders should stick to these two sorts of orders: loss and take profit. This implies you’ll be offered a project price to sell or purchase based on the calculations and predictions. If the price matches, the order will be completed; if it doesn’t, it will be canceled.

Stop and limit orders can assist you trade even if you don’t have a tracking field, ensuring that you don’t lose out on possibilities and dangers when the market moves in the direction you predicted.

Too much leverage (x10) should be avoided.

Leverage is a loan that allows the consumer to double his investment amount multiple times. The premise of Binance Futures leverage is that the higher the value of your position, the less leverage you can use, and vice versa, the lower the position value, the more leverage you can use. greater.

You should modify your leverage before trading since the larger the leverage, the bigger the risk.

Traders must adhere to a strict code of conduct.

When it comes to investing, people must set a target for how much profit, how much loss, and what price should be closed right from the start. Because, as far as we know and can discover, most investors’ mentality is quite unstable; when they lose money, they want to recover it; if the price rises, they don’t sell because they are terrified of the price rising further.

So, if you want to invest properly, conduct professional transactions, stick to the prior strategy, don’t be too greedy since you must take gains and losses, but understanding when to utilize it is a wise investment. brilliant.

Above is a tutorial on how to play Future on Binance that anybody can use to get started in the futures market fast and effectively while making the most money. However, because there are too many hazards in the virtual currency market, traders must have adequate information and psychological preparedness.

You may also use another gaming approach.

Determine if the market is in an upward or downward trend. Execute the order Long Alt coin and short large coin when the trend appears to be going up (when the market goes up, alt currency will generally go up quicker) and vice opposite when the trend appears to be going down.

There should be an equal number of long and short orders.

In this way, the ad has been able to recoup a significant amount of money from the market.

* This is not an investment advise based on the way the commercial plays. Be cautious with your cash.

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